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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. CALL/TEXT: (360)393-8567 SUN/MON/TUE all day, every other day after 6:30

UPDATE: After an MRI, I've discovered that my arm is not broken (thank goodness)! Just a bit of calcium build up, but I am ready to be taking appointments again! Hope to hear from you soon!

My name is Daniella and I have "officially" been doing hair since October of 2010. I was born and raised here in Bellingham and received my cosmetology training from the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy. I am happy to be practicing my artistic side through another medium, hair! Every client is my canvas and I am ready to paint, shape, sculpt, and work my mojo ;)

If you are interested in my works, I have a small portfolio on facebook which can be seen here. I have recently taken the practical and written exams to become a certified cosmetology instructor.

I am now by appointment only at The Hair Art Studio and I would LOVE to have you as a new client. Please give me a call or text when you would like to set up an appointment or consultation:

(360) 393-8567 

I am currently available all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and any other day of the week after 6:30/6:45. If you book with me I will give your 7th haircut free, every time! Also, a free haircut on your Birthday. Perks! :)

Some things I enjoy aside from doing hair include painting, doodling, any kind of design or art, laughing 'til I cry, regular laughing, cats (especially mine), being active and pad thai :)

From a simple trim to complete makeover, I've got you covered!
Contact: daniellapiccioni@gmail.com

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